Now through May 25, 2013
2 Hours and 45 minutes (including intermission)
Ages 12 and Up (Children Under 5 Not Admitted to the Theatre)

MY BROTHER MARVIN, audiences will experience the most candid and revealing story of life with this musical icon that has EVER been told. Based on the first-hand accounts of Marvin’s sister Zeola Gaye, “My Brother Marvin” pushes the envelope by revealing Marvin’s internal battles, greatest fears and most salacious family secrets.

Action-packed and inspirational, “My Brother Marvin” brilliantly unfolds on stage as it highlights not the music, but the MIND of Marvin Gaye; even revealing the heart of his mother, the only person who actually witnessed his untimely death. It was believed that she took her secrets to her grave, until the recent discovery of her hidden journals, in which she writes candidly about her husband, her family and of course her superstar son.

Starring Emmy Award winning actress Lynn Whitfield; Image Award winning actor Clifton Powell; R&B sensation Keith Washington; vocal powerhouse Tony Grant, platinum selling R&B Group Az Yet and Elijah J from Kidz Bop and the Lion King. “My Brother Marvin” will grip your soul as it takes you on a riveting ride through the life and times of one of the most intriguing and mysterious musical legends the world has ever known.

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